Granite Rocx Tahoe backpack: Gear Review

The Tahoe backpack by Granite Rocx may be the best party pack ever devised. Designed to hold a beach chair, six-pack and towel, it makes cycling, hiking or strolling to a picnic an efficient and comfortable process. The Tahoe backpack  cooler system is comprised of a robust daypack equipped with a clever arrangement of straps … Continue reading »

Manoa Falls: Hiking in Honolulu

Even adventurers sometimes need a relaxing vacation and for my husband and me there’s nothing more rejuvenating than a Hawaii beach vacation with a couple of day hikes thrown in. O’ahu is our favorite island because the best beaches in the islands are here, here are lots of great restaurants in every price range, entertainment … Continue reading »

Beyond the Beaches of Waikiki, Oahu

The myriad activities in Waikiki are obvious, from people watching to surfing on perfect waves, outrigger canoeing in the surf, catamaran rides, and world-class shopping on Kalakaua Ave.  After a couple of days unwinding on the beach you might be ready to avail yourself of the many other charms the island of O’ahu has to … Continue reading »

Movie Location Tour, Oahu, Hawaii

If you’ve been engaged, mystified, puzzled, curious, stumped, or otherwise hooked on the time traveling, sometimes mystical survival tale on the television series LOST, you’ll be as fascinated as we were to go on a tour of LOST filming sites on the island of O’ahu in Hawai’i.  My husband, Steve, and I were watching an … Continue reading »