Lots to do and eat in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is such a small island but boasts an endless number and variety of world class restaurants, and every kind of eatery you can imagine, from bakeries to dim sum to international cuisine. There’s also a lot to do, and not all of it involves shopping, though there are plenty of opportunities for that at Stanley Market, the Jade Market and plenty of others. There are museums, gardens, the zoo, aviary and horticultural center, hiking and boating options.

Luckily we have good guides in friends, Tracy and Joe, who have lived in Hong Kong for 25 years. Anything they don’t know about gets transferred to their long time friend, Judy, who knows all. We were kicking around one afternoon and had several phone conversations with Judy, who recommended wonderful activities, like Gao’s foot massage. It’s a good thing we have them as resources and guides, because in the throws of jet lag I’m usually unable to articulate anything but my name, much less be able to determine what I want to do.

I’ve compiled the highlights of our Hong Kong visit into two articles:

A Day in Hong Kong

Dining in Hong Kong

Next stop: Vietnam.