Knixwear Underwear, Designed For And Tested By Athletic Women

Knixwear bras and underwear are made for the active woman on the go.  Whether it’s yoga or hiking, women need fabrics that move and stretch, wick moisture and have no seams to chafe tender skin. Knixwear achieves this with special attention to details and extensive testing with real women.

Black panties

Knixwear underwear (photo from Knixwear)

The Evolution Bra has seamless four-way stretch fabric that molds to a woman’s unique shape. There is no underwire yet provides comfortable support. Silver fibers are incorporated into the fabric to provide odor control. It’s moisture-wicking and quick drying with an average dry time of four hours—perfect for travel. There is an unlined or padded version to choose from. A unique feature is that the bra is reversible, with a print design on one side and solid color on the other, comes with two sets of adjustable straps, one light and one dark, and can be configured to be worn eight different ways. The straps can be worn strain or in a cross-back position. There are detailed sizing instructions and online support to determine the correct size among the eight sizes available. The everyday bra is make from 60% Nylon and 40% Spandex.

Photo of woman's back with bra on

Evolution bra (photo from Knixwear)

Panties come in a variety of styles to meet the needs of modern women, including a thong, boy-shorts, bikini, high rise, and Invisible Shorty, a long legged pair of stretch shorts that protects thighs from chafing. Depending on the model, options include different fabrics, such as Lycra or regular fabric, and the level of desired performance, from Fresh Fix Air to Fresh Fix Technology. Fresh Fix Air garments are moisture wicking and antimicrobial to control odor. The Fresh Fix Technology panties are leak-proof and have an absorbent panty liner that can catch pesky drips and absorb excessive sweat, in addition to being moisture wicking and antimicrobial. The Everyday underwear is made from 77% Nylon and 3% Lycra, while the gusset is made from 100% cotton.

Knixwear underwear should be machine washed on cold water with a mild detergent and laid out flat to dry. Bleach should not be used.

The FitKnix Air Boy Short, Bikini and Evolution Bra were tested over the past several months. The author came to appreciate the style, fit and fabric but it was not love at first sight. In the beginning, the fabric felt stiff, as if it didn’t stretch as much as traditional underwear. However, after wearing the garments for a while, things changed. The fabric seemed to mold to my body and after getting used to the high-tech feel of the shiny fabric it felt almost like not wearing anything at all. Perhaps it’s because many regular department store underwear styles offer so little in terms of comfort and support that it took a wearing or two to adjust to the feel. Now the panties and bra feel wonderfully freeing and the fabric is smooth and pliable against the skin, like a second skin. Formfitting clothes slide easily over the underwear. There actually are seams but they are so flat and are bonded together in a magical way so that one can barely feel them. Odors are well controlled and they don’t feel damp even after a long hike. After machine washing the underwear was hung to dry, not flat as recommended, drying within a few hours and maintaining their shape.

Bikini underwear

Bikini underwear (photo from Knixwear)

Knixwear started as an Indiegogo campaign in 2013, raising over $60,000 in two months ($151% of goal).  In 2014 they launched a new Indiegogo campaign to launch the Evolution Bra.  One secret to their success is the amount of testing they do, getting feedback from over 350 certified female athletic professionals. One aspect of Knixwear marketing that I have so much respect for is their use of different sized models in their photographs and videos.

It took awhile, but now I can say that I love my Knixwear bra.



Panties are available from Knixwear from $20-38, depending on the style.

Bras are available from Knixwear from $50-55.

Disclosure of material connection: I received a sample for testing purposes, but the opinions expressed are solely my own.