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Huge storms pound Tahoe in 2011

Two avalanches, a missing car, numerous road closures and a lot of people digging out vehicles—that’s how the weekend is shaping up for residents of Alpine Meadows. A huge storm, one of a long series this La Nina winter, ushered in Spring with a muffled bang—or was that the sound of avalanche control bombs?

The numbers at the Alpine Meadows ski area are staggering this winter, even at the resort known for getting the most snow in the area due to its location on the Pacific Crest and orientation. Twenty eight inches in the last 24 hours, nine feet in the last 7 days, nearly 700 inches (53 feet) of snow this season, as of March 20, 2011… To view full article please see article at Examiner.com: Dramatic scenes from a monster storm in a monster winter at Alpine Meadows





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